My Red Sled

by David & Anne Ellsworth

When the first big snow falls, out come the sleds! Then there's the rush to get all the extras from storage like boots, snowpants, and finding the mittens you know fit. Who can get to the hill first after getting off of the school bus? Who can make it to the bottom the fastest?

Strumming, syncopated guitars throughout the song give the feeling of moving fast down a hill. A second pastoral guitar overlay to the rhythm helps the story of the song feel carefree and exciting.

The quarter note rhythm of the verse and chorus are easy to follow. Watch out for note rhythms in measures 27, 28, and 29: half notes, then a single quarter.

The timpani scoops simulate potential flip overs or bumps kids will experience as they sled or misstep as they trudge up the hill in the deep snow. They occur throughout the song and can be used as action cues if you wish.

Other actions we suggest are described as a footnote to the first page of the printed music of the tune. Your class can pretend to be riding a sled at our designated spots in the song, or throughout, as you decide. If your kids sit on their hands and stretch their legs out in front, then they can lean left and right and bounce to imitate taking a ride as they slide. At measure 19, your kids may be themselves or they may pretend to be the sled when they sing, "See how fast I go!" (We meant it to mean the sled is singing, but you can change that.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.