Vampire Cowboy

by Teresa Jennings

We had a blast doing this one. Two favorite genres combine for one light and silly song: Westerns (cowboys) and spooky or Halloween stuff (vampires). Does it get any more fun than that? And both are milked for their cliché potential, from the country guitars and banjo to the eerie theremin, pipe organ, and male "ah" chorus in the background. Then there are the effects. Some are on the recording, like the cows and the screams. (Yes, there's a Wilhelm scream in there. If that means nothing to you, check it out on Wikipedia.) Other effects are left for your kids to add for just the right personalized touch. You absolutely must let your students listen to our rendition before creating their own though. It's a hoot!

This is a story song, so it would make a terrific piece to use in performance. You will need a cowboy dressed all in black, of course. Cape, cowboy hat, and fangs are up to you. But you can carry it as far as you like - bats, wolves, "blood," a coffin, a full moon, etc. And don't forget the rattlesnake! A puppet or rubber snake would be just fine, especially if you attach a rattle to the tail that is shaken on cue. (Not that we have to tell you this, but - don't use a real snake please.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.