Hello, Fall

by Karl Hitzemann

"Hello, Fall" is a nifty jazz waltz and round all rolled into one. It's a great song to start the school year with, and it would be a perfect addition to a fall concert. While the melody is fairly easy, it will provide a good challenge to your singers to learn to sing the "round" portion of it. We have provided a playable piano accompaniment, but the recorded accompaniment really has the jazz waltz feel and features piano, guitar, bass, drums, and arco and pizzicato strings.

You could stage a performance of this song by having several singers holding cut-out leaves in bright fall colors. Some could be sitting around a makeshift campfire. It will also feel very natural to sway from side to side. Even though the lyrics do mention changing leaves and falling temperatures, most of the words don't mention climate-specific characteristics. So, with some minor adaptations this song could be sung just about anywhere.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.