Do You Recall September?

by Teresa Jennings

The remembrance of Patriot Day (September 11) and its historical significance can be a difficult one to approach musically. This thought-provoking and poignant song would be an appropriate choice for your school's commemoration. Beginning with a lyrical and haunting trumpet solo, it evokes a sense of both sadness and patriotism. The lyrics are poetic, comparing and contrasting the beauty of the season with emotional memories. Since the lyrics are not specific however, you may also find this to be a beautiful concert piece for other occasions, patriotic or otherwise.

The recorded orchestration provides a dramatic backdrop for variable vocal voicings: unison, 2-part, or 3-part mixed. The piece works equally well with just unison singers or just unison and part 2 singers. If you have older, changing, or changed voices, part 3 will add a nice depth to the blend, but it is not critical for a successful performance. To help your singers learn the parts, we have isolated them and put them online. We have also included a demonstration of the three vocal parts blended together. (See details below.)

To make this an especially meaningful piece for your students, consider adding sign language. We have indicated the signs for the lyrics on pages 24-25 in this issue. If doing all of the signs is too much, pick and choose a few key words instead.

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Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.