March Of The Wee Americans

by Teresa Jennings

Americans come in all sizes, shapes - and ages! This cute, traditional marching band-style tune is extremely easy. And it has a beat, so you can march to it. Or more to the point, your own "wee Americans" can march to it. (Get it? Wee Americans? Americans We? Aw, come on! We had to!) Designed mostly for pre-kindergarteners, kindergarteners, and first graders (PK-1), it could certainly be stretched to use with younger or older kids. Can you see a group of toddlers in there with the pre-K's? If this doesn't get an "Awww" response from the audience, check their pulse.

Sometimes you don't want your youngest students to be on stage during an entire performance. Use this song as a processional and/or recessional to help get them on or off as needed. Or once they are on stage, they can just sing and march in place, if you prefer. (Marching is optional.) Let them hold/wave small flags for patriotic emphasis, but be mindful of safety with small objects. If they make the flags themselves, they can be simple paper and marker or crayon creations that are fairly benign. If you use flags you purchase, check them for loose parts, things that could poke eyes, etc.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.