Growin' Up

by Mike Wilson

"Growin' Up" is in a classic Steely Dan style. The back-up band on the recording is a standard rhythm section of drums, bass, keyboards, guitars, and percussion. The melody is simple and repetitive. There are several recurring "blue" notes, but our kids memorized the tune quickly, allowing us to concentrate on performance energy and lyrics.

The subject matter of this song lends itself to important discussions about growing up. Many children don't get the message that work and giving have their own rewards. Growing up is a gradual shift from self-focus to a mind-set of giving of ourselves to others and working with longer goals in mind. This process can begin at a young age with simple acts like those suggested in the song. Discuss what "growing up" means to your students. What other acts could show evidence of growing up?

  • visit Great Grandma in the nursing home
  • shovel your elderly neighbor's walk
  • do chores without being told
  • help get food for the homeless in your town or for starving people around the world
  • donate toys or books you no longer use for those who have none

You get the picture. This song would also fit into a "Character Counts" program.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.