Buenas Noches, Amigos

by Teresa Jennings

As another school year comes to an end, we thought it would be fitting to end the issue with a song of farewell, but this time, one in Spanish. "Buenas Noches, Amigos" means "good night, friends," but you can substitute other lyrics if you wish. For example, use "buenas tardes" (good afternoon/evening) instead of "buenas noches." Or as a greeting song, use "buenos días" (good day/morning) and instead of "adiós," use "hola" (hello).

This gentle folk style tune is written as a duet throughout, though part 2 is optional. If you prefer, you can have two soloists do the two parts instead of the whole choir. You could also do the piece live using guitars and solo trumpets, if you have them. The parts are cued on the piano/vocal, but will have to be transposed for players. (They play with the vocals starting at measure 9.)

Because the vocal parts on the recording are always sung together, we have isolated both of them and put them on our web site for rehearsal purposes. (See below for more information.) This is also a good way to hear the pronunciations more clearly, in case you need help.

You may have noticed that we did not include a lyric page for this song in this issue. That's because the song is very brief, as are the lyrics themselves.

Online extras - The free, downloadable extras mentioned can be found under the Graphics and Extras for Volume 18, No. 5 at MusicK8.com

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.