The Soup Song

by John Riggio

Building on the already prolific number of Plank Road food songs for kids (which seem to be very popular), we give you "The Soup Song." This song rattles off 37 different varieties of soup, from your basic Chicken Noodle to the extravagant Lobster Bisque. Of course, this is by no means a complete list, but this is a decent start. And this being our January/February issue, soup is a hot topic (pun intended) for these colder months.

The vocal part is straight ahead and easy with no syncopation. There are scoops on the repeating phrase "I love soup," mostly 'cause it sounds cool.

As for performing it, this song is just screaming for a gigantic bowl center stage with the word "SOUP" on it. Maybe have a few folks with chef's hats and very large spoons dancing around it and stirring occasionally. Pass out plastic spoons for your students to use during the slurp parts at bars 21 and 23, and have them "feed" themselves as they slurp. You might have a parade of soups, where the name of the soup is written on poster board large enough for your audience to read. Above all, have fun!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.