My Earth

by Teresa Jennings

This lovely and peaceful song is perfect for your school's celebration of Earth Day. Gentle, happy, and fun to sing, it will leave a warm fuzzy feeling with singers and listeners alike.

Though the song has two vocal parts, the second part is optional. It is very nice, however, and if you can use it, it adds a lot to the song. Consider using a small group of older singers to do it if that works better for you. To help them learn their part, we have isolated it and put in online as a free MP3 download. See below for more information.

The piano part for this song is quite easy, and even fun to play, so live performances are a definite possibility. But if you do use the CD, you will be treated to a beautiful and rich orchestration which includes flugelhorns, strings, and guitars, as well as our usual blend of fine instruments.

Online extras - You will find the MP3 mentioned under the "Graphics and Extras" for Volume 16, No. 4 at

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.