I Can't Sneeze!

by David & Anne Ellsworth

Is there anything more frustrating than a tickle in the nose that just won't let you sneeze? This lighthearted tune will (hopefully) help your young ones remember to grab a tissue when they think they might have a sneeze coming, even if it doesn't.

Given the novel nature of the song and its oh-so-cool instrumental tracks, it's also just fun to sing and be silly to. Let singers exaggerate the "uh's" each time a little more. Definitely have them carry tissues, and make sure they cover with them, even if the sneezes are just pretend.

It also mentions one little trick that might help: Look at a light. Nothing too bright, of course, and never the sun! But for some reason, a light helps that elusive sneeze come to fruition sometimes. Ah, relief.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.