Traditional/arr. Paul Jennings

We had a good time creating this setting of the great old folk classic, and we think that you and your classes will find a number of different ways to use it.

One of the simplest ways provides you with a very easy introduction into 2-part singing. Start one group singing the single-note (C) ostinato at bar 5, and have the other group join in with the melody.

Just for fun and some rhythmic learning opportunities, we have added a special verse that begins at bar 17. Initially, the ostinato alternates with some kids playing rhythms on classroom percussion instruments. Instruments used can be literally ANY unpitched instrument and any pitched percussion instrument playing the note "C." The ostinato can then continue under the melody at 21 which this time is played by kazoo. Mind you, the melody can be played on any pitched instrument, but it will be easiest on kazoo.

At bar 29, we are back to the pattern of a bar of ostinato followed by an answer of a new rhythm for percussion. To make this section even more usable as a teaching tool, we have provided two versions of the tracks, one that uses a single percussionist playing the rhythms shown. The other one leaves the second bar totally open. This allows you to perform this with no guide, or even adapt it by changing the rhythm each time you play it.

The bottom line then, is flexibility. Use this song any way you like. (Note: We felt this song was so simple and repetitious, it did not need a lyric page.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.