The Pasta Song

adapted/arr. John Riggio

Here's a song to make you hungry! Picture a small Italian restaurant with a patron sitting at his table. He has just been served a plate of piping hot spaghetti, and he is obviously familiar with Luigi, the chef, and goes about asking him for various things to make his dining experience better - a spoon to twirl with, a napkin so he doesn't stain his clothes with tomato sauce. This is the setting for our song.

Of course, if you decide to perform this song you'll need a patron (Italian accent optional), and a Luigi running around his restaurant, cooking and bringing stuff to our patron. You'll also need singers.

Our studio singers sang this with great zeal, observing the style. Some of them got a little "operatic," and had a blast doing it. We had them sing with a lilt and put an "h" sound in the triplet figures where they sang the names of various pasta, so rigatoni becomes "rig-a-to-ho-ni," etc. Be sure to have them slurp and gulp nice and loud during the section at measure 11 for the added comedy.

"The Pasta Song" is based on the classic Tarantella, an Italian dance. Recording instrumentation includes rhythm, brass, strings, mandolin, clarinet, and accordion.

We mention 13 different varieties of pasta in the song, though our research tells us there are more than 600 varieties worldwide. So of course, you could substitute your own favorites.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.