Ready To Go!

by Teresa Jennings/John Riggio

Put your hands together! This song has an optimistic feel to it - the kind that comes with facing a bright future full of endless possibilities. It's appropriate for any transitional period in life, such as graduation or commencement. Or just successfully completing one segment, level, class, etc., and moving on to another. Cap and gown are optional.

The song begins with a drum set-up, some in-your-face guitar, a sprightly piano part, and a happy synth line. It keeps this attitude until measure 23, when it takes on a majestic, stately feel (and the strings come in!). The feel returns to normal on the D.S. and stays that way to the end.

The song is pretty easy and it's completely in unison. It also has a good bit of repetition, so learning it should not be too difficult, especially when using the CD as a teaching tool.

There are claps off the top, though we've made it optional going into measure 9. We recommend discontinuing the claps during the middle section (at measure 23) and then picking them up again on the D.S. However, you can write your own roadmap for claps as you wish.

Incorporating the funky beat as it does, the song may make your students want to move. By all means, let them. While you could come up with structured movement, this type of piece works well with casual, improvisational movement as well, especially with the claps going on, too.

You will note that we have included scoops on many notes in the melody. Our singers used these in the recording session and we liked them so much, we deliberately wrote them in for your benefit. They are, of course, optional.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.