Well, It's Been Fun

by Teresa Jennings

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This sweet little boom-chick partner song is the perfect ending to the school year or any event that's coming to a close. Set in a country style, it includes some nifty folk textures on the recording: fiddle (viola), cello, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, electric guitar, piano, and dobro.

As with most partner songs, part 1 singers go first, singing one melody. The second time through, part 2 singers sing yet another melody - different but equally interesting. The third time 'round, they put the melodies together, and there you have it. A partner song!

The tune's tempo is as easy as the style - not too fast, not too slow. And speaking of easy, you'll note that we allowed our singers to interject their own little bit of country with scoops here and there. You may certainly add some of your own if you like.

Another way to approach this tune is to use two (or more) soloists instead of an ensemble. Especially if you have any budding country stars in your midst, this could be quite nice and very entertaining.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.