Nature Baby

by Teresa Jennings

A little rhythm and blues guitar and a little '70s horn band help make this environmental ditty unique and very enjoyable. As we all know, Earth Day falls in April every year. "Nature Baby" is not overtly tied to that event, but it does offer an appreciation of our planet which would certainly be appropriate for the occasion.

The melody is simple and is meant to be sung in a pop style. The addition of slight scoops and other pop-like embellishments would be okay. Our singers did this on the recording. We also suggest that the word "baby" should be pronounced "bay-beh."

After singing the song, we decided to add claps to it here and there. These are not indicated on the music and you don't have to add them. Even if you do add them, put them in and take them out where it feels right to you. Our recording merely offers an example of what could be done.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.