What If?

by Teresa Jennings

This neat song is another one that uses the imagination. The "what if" questions posed are designed to get students thinking creatively. Let students talk about the possibilities of the things mentioned - serious or silly. How would the world be? Also let students invent their own what if's. They don't have to rhyme, and they don't even have to fit in the song if you just want to get their imaginations going.

You will note that the song is a waltz. But it's not just any waltz. It's a jazz waltz. What distinguishes this, your students may ask? It swings! The same triplet based eighth note movement that occurred in "Let's Make Some Music Today!" and "A Hippo In My Locker" occurs here as well. Only this time, it's in 3/4 instead of 4/4. This type of discussion may be a bit sophisticated for your younger students, but older students who are studying jazz and/or swing will appreciate the reinforcement.

While the piano part is a very simple and basic accompaniment, it will work by itself with the tune. The recording offers many more interesting flavors though - drums on brushes, guitar, acoustic bass, strings, and a sweet descant between flute and flugelhorn. There is also a cool conga line that features a unique sound during the intro. See if you and your students can hear it.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.