Navel Orange

by John Riggio

Looking for a humorous novelty song to use for the holidays? This just might be it. This is a song about an orange that gets it. Squished, that is. Repeatedly. In some pretty unusual circumstances. An elephant. A football team. A chimp. A steamroller. These are things you probably shouldn't leave your orange near. Or under...

We figured since this is the November/December issue of Music K-8, and citrus fruits are commonly enjoyed around this time, especially during the holiday season, why not do a song about one of our favorites? "Navel Orange" is simple enough for your youngest singers to sing (if they can keep from laughing through it), as the only sung notes are quarter notes. There is a divisi at measure 32, and again on the coda. But as always, divisis are totally optional, though they are awfully fun to sing.

If you have some outgoing personalities in your crew, they might be suited to one of the four spoken lines, all of which lament "Aw, man!" (and then some) during the interludes. The suggested "script" for these lines is included on the lyric page on page 55.

Be sure to include an orange as a prop in performance, even if you don't have a steamroller on hand. Let students pass it from person to person, hiding it till the end when a large object can be ceremoniously dropped on it. (Perhaps a hollow box?) A squish effect is provided for this moment on the recording.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.