by Anne & David Ellsworth

What a delightful and silly way to help young students don those winter snugglies! We can just see a row of youngsters sitting on a bench, singing along as they pull on their snowpants, boots, mittens, hats, and so on. Too cute.

As always for the very youngest crowd, the melody and lyrics are kept simple and memorable. The bouncy rhythm tracks on the recording have lots of contemporary sounds and sound effects for added fun.

If you want to use the song, but don't really want to pull out the heavy winter attire every time you use it, have students pantomime putting things on, starting with their snowpants. This will help them learn the proper names for the clothing, get some extra practice putting them on, and it could even help students review or learn the names of body parts that the clothing goes on.

Try using alternative lyrics for other items of clothing once the song is familiar. For example: "Big coat. Warm and snuggly, big coat. Legs to shoulders, big coat.," etc. Or "Snow boots... Knee to big toe, snow boots." Or "Snowsuit... Head to ankle, snow suit" The "warm and snuggly" lyrics should remain constant for each verse.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.