I Don't Do Drugs

by Teresa Jennings

This is a cool song. It's full of modal funk, countermelodies, and even a sax duet. The vocal part is written so that it can be sung in octaves throughout, allowing your young men to join in despite lower, changing, or changed voices. The beat is steady and confident, much like the performers who sing with determination and respect for themselves. Add this to your repertoire of anti-substance abuse resources and be sure to share it with your D.A.R.E. officer(s).

You will need the recording to effectively perform this piece. We have not included all of the countermelodies, nor did we cue in the sax duet, among other things, on the piano/vocal score. So the only way your kids - and audience - will get to hear all that neat stuff is by listening to the recording. For a piece like this, it really is best.

You may find that your students are compelled to move to the beat while singing. Encourage them. Even choreograph some steps or movement to complement the tune. No doubt you have students who can come up with contemporary and creative ideas. Suggest alternating actions during the various parts of the tune for variety and interest.

Add a pantomime of kids who are refusing the offer of cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol if you are using this in a program, such as a D.A.R.E. program. If you like, show your students the graphic that corresponds to the lyric page for this song, even if you don't use lyric pages.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.