My Flag

by Teresa Jennings

This lovely and quiet anthem to our flag was no doubt inspired by the appearance of flags all over the country in September of 2001. Every block on every street in our neighborhood was covered in red, white, and blue - and much of it still is. Our own offices have three large flags in prominent locations, not to mention the smaller ones in individuals' offices. There's just something about the sight of Old Glory that touches, calms, and reassures. Especially in times of conflict and fear. As the song says, "When I see my flag, my country's flag, I know I'm not alone." What a comforting thought.

The tune is easy enough for all of your singers to learn, even your youngest. However, if it proves challenging for young ones to learn a second verse, you can just let them repeat the first.

On the recording, you will hear a symphonic setting of this tune which includes a beautiful clarinet choir at the verse. (You can hear it better on the track version.) If you prefer to use the tune with live piano, the part is very nice and quite playable.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.