Return Of The Clonebots

by M.C. Handel

We won't say that M.C. is a fan of Star Wars and other space/sci fi movies, but well, perhaps it's obvious. Mechanical drums team up with real drums, arco and pizzicato strings, synthesizers, and spacey sound effects to bring your recorder students M.C.'s "Return Of The Clonebots."

Students will enjoy playing along with the funky mechanical groove as they show off their abilities to play high E's and D's (which they probably recently learned). The tune also uses G, A, B, C, low D, and low E.

The real challenge (and fun part) is the round. At measure 9 the second time, divide players into two groups. The first group starts right at 9, while the second group comes in two bars later. This continues all the way through to the end. Students will be very proud of themselves for learning and performing this one. It's also a great way to showcase what they've learned at the end of the year, though using it anytime is definitely okay!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.