We Learn

by Teresa Jennings

Here is a pro-education piece that is so easy, any of your students should be able to learn it quickly. It's entirely rapped! The only variation in lyrics starts at measure 17 and repeats exactly the second time. You could consider it more of a cheer than a song. In any event, it's great reinforcement for the process and value of learning.

Some of the real fun of the tune is on the recording, which you will likely need. We actually made some of our players sweat a little with this one. (Hey, that's hard to do!) Students who appreciate harder rock grooves (older boys come to mind...) will enjoy this, with or without the rap.

Note: If you're considering performing the musical revue Education Rocks!, this tune would be a natural addition. The revue is from Music K-8, Volume 9, but is also a separate product. Contact us for more information, if you like.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.