A Song Of Peace

by Teresa Jennings

This beautiful song would be right at home in your winter program. But you already know that. The message is so sweet, so simple, and yet, so profound. A little child wishes she could write a song that would fill the world with peace. A miracle.

That wonderful voice you hear singing the solo at the beginning of the song belongs to Grace Morgan. We had her sing the entire verse the first time by herself, though we suggest that you could use several soloists instead. We have marked locations on the music that would be logical places for different soloists to enter. If you don't have a soloist who is confident to do such a long solo, it's fine to break it up. You could also use two soloists instead of four.

At the chorus, the song becomes unison and stays that way until the next chorus. The second part is optional as always, but it's very simple. If you can add it, it will help the tune build nicely. Consider using older singers for this part, if it makes a difference. After the peak of the tune, it all winds back down again to our soloist. Very effective.

To further enhance your program, we have included sign language for the chorus of the tune. You will find illustrations for these on the same page as the lyrics, page 53. Use all or some as you wish.

Of course, we recommend using the recording to get the full impact of the tune. There are some awfully nice textures on there - strings, horn, flugelhorn, countermelody keyboards, that sort of thing. But it is do-able with just piano.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.