Be Grateful

by Teresa Jennings

While you could certainly use this song of gratitude for a Thanksgiving program, the message is timeless. The lyrics are philosophical and moving, reminding us to truly notice and appreciate life now.

The style and sophistication of this tune make it a natural for older students, especially if you decide to use the optional second part. Attention to the details, such as dynamics, will make for a more musical performance. Use a select group of students (maybe older) for the second part, which is more challenging, if you like. Or just add them for reinforcement. This one is a good piece to use for application of head voice singing and matching pitch. It's also just a lovely tune.

You could perform this live, though if you do, you might want to have a solo instrument besides piano. On the recording, our violin soloist is Phil Palermo.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.