by David & Anne Ellsworth

Wintertime means snow to some of us. To others of us, it means warmer temperatures and rain. This delightful little tune combines the two in a brief tribute to the season. Your youngest singers will be able to participate readily with simple lyrics and a memorable, easily sung melody.

Consider letting them pantomime the actions of the pertinent precipitation while they are singing. Whichever it is, the falling action is relevant. Alter the action slightly between rain and snow for definition. If you would rather not have movement while they are singing, it is suggested on the music that the movement be added during the last four measures, at least. They are not singing here.

For added performance appeal, let students dress in either rain gear or snow apparel. Umbrellas, hats, boots, etc., could be very cute in this setting.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.