O Come Little Children

adapted by Teresa Jennings

In this unique setting of the traditional German carol, we have added a bit of Latin spice. We have also altered the words to make them secular and therefore usable in any situation, and for any event. (There is no mention of the holiday season!) You can use the original sacred lyrics, however, if you prefer.

On the music we suggest that you use your youngest singers for part 1, and older students or adults for part 2, if you are using part 2, which is optional. The recorder part can be played by a soloist, or by a whole ensemble. You can also use any C instrument on the recorder part you wish, such as handbells, xylos, flutes, etc.

We have created brief harmonic and percussive ostinati for your performance as well. They are included here. The first is for mallets, such as xylos, glocks, and so forth.

The second indicates the non-pitched percussion instruments suggested. Use as many instruments as you like, entering gradually, and exiting in reverse order. You could add other instruments, and/or let your students write their own parts. For the shakers/maracas, consider constant straight eighth notes instead of the part written.

Both ostinati are optional, of course.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.