'Round About Autumn

by Teresa Jennings

We have found that rounds are enormously popular, especially with middle to upper level classes (and especially with girls). So, for our first issue of the year, we decided to include one to help you get your part-singing work under way successfully.

This round is nice for a couple of reasons: It's very simple and has a lilting waltz-like feel that is easy to relate to and sing along with. It's also seasonal, which is perfect for your beginning of the year classes (assuming your beginning of the year is in the autumn, that is). The title is a double entendre, or play on words, which some of your older students may pat themselves on the back for recognizing. (It has two different meanings.)

Since we had an oboist with us for this recording session, we decided to include him in this song, too. The intro, interludes and ending have a neat little three-way counterpart going on amongst the oboe, flute and guitar. It is cued on the piano part so that you could have your own live performers play along if you wish. The piano accompaniment is definitely easy enough that even one of your piano students might be able to play it should you choose to perform it live (without the recording). You could play around with the accompaniment, too. For example, use just guitar and flute. Or piano and oboe. If you have any string players, let them have a part, too. Again, the simplicity of the song makes it an ideal candidate for adaptation and arrangement.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.