Cha-Cha Chihuahua

by M.C. Handel

This recorder piece is anything but serious. M.C. Handel has decided to bring a little Latin spice to the issue with a focus on the cha-cha, which is a common dance using quarter note/eighth note rhythms. Given the recent popularity of the cute little dog known as a chihuahua, it seemed like a good idea to pair the chihuahua with the cha-cha. All he needed was a name: Chi Chi.

The recorder part for the tune uses only the notes G, A, B, and C. On the part, the recorder melody is indicated by an R in the left margin when there is also an optional singing part going on. Let students highlight their lines with a highlighting pen for ease of reading.

If you would like to use the singing part, consider letting your recorder players sing instead of playing at those moments, or just select singers who are not playing at all to sing while the recorders are playing. The melody and lyrics are silly, funny, and easy. At the very end of the song, let every performer join in with his best chihuahua imitation: Arf!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.