The Little Snowflake

by Teresa Jennings

This song is available as a single.

This light, lively, latin tune is just plain fun. We wrote it as a way to demonstrate the flute in a jazz/improvisational role and to provide another seasonal option for your winter performances. Even ones in January and beyond!

Our subject is a little snowflake who has come to life and flies, dances and sings his way all over the place. The lyrics are as simple as the melody, especially when it gets to the chorus. The second part after the flute solo is optional, as usual. It has the same rhythm as the first part, which will make it easier to learn, though it is higher. You might want to select a few singers to perform it. The "la's" in the chorus are doubled in the flute when it isn't soloing.

The only tricky parts of the song come during the coda. The lyrics change to include all three actions: flying, dancing, and singing. And at the very end, there is an abrupt stop in the lyrics for a brief flute solo break before the final "air!" is sung.

At measure 41, there is a 16 bar flute solo (played masterfully on the recording by Jim Farrelly), which also allows the opportunity for movement. If you have a resident "little snowflake," she could be dancing around the stage freely at this point. (A younger student would definitely be cuter for this.) She could be in a snowflake costume, or she could be holding a large snowflake, perhaps one mounted to a stick or thin dowel rod. If you use the latter option, consider making it out of cardboard and covering it with glitter, sequins or something sparkly. Solid white would also work. Attach long strips of shiny or white fabric to the stick, too, to be waved around. You could make several of these and let a number of students dance with your "snowflake" as she dances. For more action out of the strips, attach an eyelet to the end of the stick and a safety pin to the eyelet. Pin the fabric strips to the safety pin. The fabric will flow more readily as the stick is moved.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.