Big Dreams

by Teresa Jennings

This next little ditty is also meant to be a part of the musical revue, Possibilities. However, it is capable of standing on its own or being used in a different context, depending on your needs. The lyrics are general enough to use in a variety of ways.

Our thought was that you use this song with your youngest singers, such as your K-2 students. Since the revue is an all-school or multiple class revue, we figure you should have something to show off the talents of your wee ones. Between the simple melody and the basic rhythms, we think you should be able to use it very effectively this way.

Feel free to use the recording to teach the song. We have provided a reproducible lyric page for it on page 21 (with slightly larger type) that your students can follow as they learn. (Of course, we also have the music available to you through our Student Reproducible Packs if you prefer to teach this way. See page 65 for more details.) Your students will hear a fun bass line played by the baritone saxophone (perfect for the style), as well as a nifty guitar line and some "retro" strings that enter at measure 25. If you would rather play the piano, the part should present little to no challenge to an experienced player.

When performing this song in the revue or otherwise, some costuming and/or movement might be fun. Poodle skirts, pony tails, sunglasses, slicked back hair for the fellas, etc., would be very effective, especially with really young singers. Another angle might be to have your performers wear pajamas and slippers. (To go with the "dreams" concept.)

Keep any movement you come up with simple and sparse, or perhaps have solo dancers so that your singers can concentrate on singing.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.