Beez, Beez, Beez

by Karl Hitzemann

Bees are wonderful and amazing little creatures. While they may be small, bees' special relationship with plants makes them hugely important to our planet. That's why there's a World Bee Day in May and a National Honey Bee Day in August. Of course, spring is a perfect time to celebrate bees. And what better way to celebrate than with music? "Beez, Beez, Beez" is a nifty, quirky song that allows your singers to honor our bee friends, make some fun buzzing sounds, and actually learn a bit of music theory. How cool is that?

For the eight-measure introduction, your singers have the opportunity to make lots of bee sounds. You could even have them move around, pretending to go from plant to plant. As measure nine approaches, have them get back into a group and ready to sing. The first verse introduces us to a variety of different bees. Note that every time the word "beez" is sung, a little extra buzz is given to the end of the word. The second verse is all "beez" all the time, again with extra buzz. Listen to the performance track for a great example.

We felt like this song just had to be in the key of "Bee" major. In fact, the fourth verse of the song talks about the fact that it is in the key of B with lots of sharps. You could use this as an opportunity to talk about key signatures and their meaning in music. However, if you'd rather keep it all about the bees, you could simply just repeat the "beez" verse.

In keeping with its quirky sound, the recorded accompaniment has an awesome orchestra that features a clarinet, bass clarinet, and flugelhorn. You'll also hear a nylon guitar, archtop guitar, congas, and even a banjo, among other things.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.