Play Another Happy Song

by Mike Wilson

Here's another gem for your Music In Our Schools Month performances or study. It's simple. Music has the power to affect our attitudes. "Play Another Happy Song" is an unabashed declaration to that fact. And what can put you in a happy mood faster than a happy song? A happy song that swings! If you have never done so, now is the time to have that discussion with your choir: how to swing eighth notes. Our recording offers a great example.

Wah-wah guitar and brass combine with our normal rhythm section to create a funky feel for this unison arrangement. Nail the swing and you've got it. But that's not the only thing. Energy is crucial. You have to be happy to sound happy!

Though we opted out of, or rather forgot to record the optional claps (oops), you may add them on the repeat back to measure one after the first ending. This will also help add to that energy thing. Plus, it's better than just standing around for seven bars.

The road map is repetitious and easy to follow. It's a quick learn for your older choirs, yet doable for your younger ones as well.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.