A Nice December Day

by Teresa Jennings

The month of December feels a little different than most, doesn't it? Maybe because of the holidays, or the beginning of winter, or the end of the year. Hard to say exactly. It just seems, to us anyway, that in December, many days turn out to be quite nice.

The flexibility of this topic allows you to use it in just about any of your seasonal programs, and this sweet and gentle song is perfect for considering this concept. Accordingly, the option of beginning it with a soloist (Grace Morgan) lends itself well to the overall feeling. We also had her come back in at the end, though that is also optional. On our recording, the choir joins in on the pick-up to measure 13. The second time through, an optional second part enters as well.

On our web site, you will find a rehearsal track for part 2, as well as a full version without solo, in case that is more useful to you. Additionally, we have asked our sign language expert, Judi Thomas, to create videos that you can use to teach signs to your students. These are also at our web site.

Our recording of this song is just beautiful. It features a violin solo (Zach DePue), as well as some lovely pads and textures and that ebb and flow throughout, making it quite pleasant and tasteful. But, we recognize that this is one that could actually be performed live very nicely, assuming you have a good pianist. Either way, you have options that will work.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.