Whacky Groundhog

by Teresa Jennings

Why, oh why, would a groundhog flap his arms and try to fly? Because he's wacky, of course! Or in our case, make that whacky (with an h), as in Boomwhackers®. This silly little bluesy piece tells the tale of our offbeat furry friend and his attempts to slip the surly bonds of his wintry environs. But is that really the smartest thing to do? With Groundhog Day imminent, hiding in his hole seems much more sensible, and so we say in song.

The tune works with or without the BWs, but it's a good way to add some fun, not to mention the ability to perform without singing (in case singing is a problem in your classroom). If you are interested in using it, the BW part can be found on page 36 of this issue.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.