Up On The Roof

by Teresa Jennings

Whatever could that sound on the roof be? Just because it's December and the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, can anyone really know for sure? Okay, maybe the "Ho ho ho" gives it away a little. Still, the singers seem to be spooked enough to forget the whole thing and retreat to bed, just in case.

The fun of this song is its mysterious air, made more compelling by its funky groove. There are a couple of musical details you can use as teachable moments, too. One is the optional divisi at the chorus which splits into and out of octaves several times giving it a cool factor. The other is the use of dynamics, contrasting the verses with the choruses, then getting quieter and quieter at the end.

This is also a great chance to feature some of your students playing Boomwhackers® and non-pitched percussion (jingle bells, cowbells, and hand drums). These are all optional, of course, and the song will stand on its own just fine. You can also adapt the parts, adding or substituting your own instruments, modifying rhythms, etc. The extracted parts for the BWs and percussion are at our web site.

Special thanks to Santa John for his "Ho ho ho's!"

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.