What Child Is This?

adapted/arr. John Riggio

John has done another Christmas arrangement in a Celtic style, and we're thrilled! This time, it's "What Child Is This?" and he lets the singers sing the original song as you know it, with traditional lyrics but a few tweaks including a new bridge section at measure 53. It features a beautiful, haunting motif played on fiddle and penny whistle, harps, bodhran, layered jingle bells (it's Christmas, after all) and many drums. There is also a nylon guitar playing the melody in case it helps. Plus it's just really gorgeous.

If your students have difficulty with the length of phrases, they can absolutely stagger breathe. There is a part 2 at measure 53, and when going to the second ending, we had both parts re-attack the "Oh!" without breathing. (Part 2 rehearsal tracks can be found on our web site.)

If you are able to use this song in a performance setting, it would be an ideal candidate for battery powered candles. (Conveniently, you can find Kandle Lights™ at MusicK8.com)

As probably everyone knows, this is the same melody as the song, "Greensleeves." If you wish, you can use the accompaniment tracks to sing that song instead, which also makes it usable year-round.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.