A Turkey Tale

by Teresa Jennings

What fun for your young singers – a story song about a clumsy turkey who tripped on his own tail, among other, um... adventures. Hence the title, "A Turkey Tale." (Get it? And now you have a chance to explain to your kids the difference between "tail" and "tale" and why this is amusing. Allegedly.) Since turkeys and Thanksgiving seem to be connected, using this silly ditty for that occasion would certainly work, though you can use it any way you like.

Costumes, stuffed toy turkeys, puppets, craft turkeys, or other visual interest might be added for a performance. Even a few props like kale or a pail could be implemented to really bring the story to life.

You will note that there is an opportunity for a solo turkey to add running commentary throughout as indicated on the music. You can pick one bird, or use several and let them take turns if you'd rather. At the end, your whole flock gets a chance to join in. (Or not.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.