May There Be Goodwill

by Teresa Jennings

The holiday season is traditionally a time for us to reflect on peace, kindness, brotherhood, and of course, goodwill. But this year, it seems to be more important than ever. With the world in such a state of fear and uncertainty, when we sing "Now is the time," we mean it. This beautiful, thought-provoking song hopes to inspire those who sing it and those who listen to it.

Easily performed as a unison tune, there is a second part that enters just before the chorus at measure 25. This is optional, but adds a nice touch if you can do it. There is a full unison mix of the song as well as an isolated rehearsal track for part 2 on our web site for you.

We encourage you to share the accompaniment tracks with your students if you have a chance. The electric guitar solo (played by Sandy Williams) is especially sweet and worth the listen.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.