Snow Snow Snow

by Teresa Jennings

We think your singers are really going to enjoy this one! Not only does it give students a chance to show off their (optional) part-singing abilities, but it's also just a lot of fun in a campy, lighthearted sort of way. To be sure you can use it inclusively, we have created some extras, including a unison version, an a cappella version, and rehearsal tracks for parts 2 and 3. These goodies can all be found on our web site.

Set in a style that is a marriage of swings, so to speak, it is reminiscent of jazz tunes early in the last century, but with a contemporary halftime bed, complete with snaps and an almost-Latin bass/tom line helping it groove along. Be sure to let your students listen to our vocalists on the full Performance/Accompaniment recording to get a sense of style. That's where most of the vocal excitement happens!

If you have time, do give a listen to the jazzy accompaniment tracks, too. There are some pretty cool things going on, including a variety of muted brass passages. (It's probably a tall order for students to identify the types of mutes, but can they tell when they are being used and/or changed?)

This song includes a "Diving Deeper Into The Music" learning assessment PDF.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.