¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

by Mike Wilson

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sing the message loud and clear, and in Spanish! This is an upbeat, high-spirited song for all. With a traditional rock beat, we added some Latin style brass to take it "south of the border." The more energy you can pull out of your vocalists, the better. It's a unison arrangement in a middle to upper register ranging mostly from low D to C above middle C. It will obviously require a pop approach.

As usual, we've provided a pronunciation guide on our web site (with a little coaching) to aid with the Spanish portions. But a much better option would be to ask your Spanish speaking students to teach the proper treatment of the lyrics.

During the vocal recording session, several of the singers sang "Bomp" on the last note, which wasn't actually in the music. But it was so fun, we added it as an option for your singers, too. (That's why we said "mostly" D to C for range. The low G might be a bit much, but if anyone can hit it, go for it!)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.