Veterans, We Love You

by Teresa Jennings

It's entirely appropriate that every year, we have a special day set aside in which to honor our veterans. Accordingly, over the years, we have published many tunes in many styles for kids to sing in gratitude. This year's contribution is a lively patriotic rock march, full of drums, brass, and perfect for pageantry, if you're so inclined. Invite the veterans in your community to join in, either in person or remotely if necessary. If you are able to acknowledge them and thank them, all the better.

Though this song is simple enough to be used by young singers in unison, it works very nicely for your older students as well, thanks to the optional solos and second part. You will find a unison full version, an alternate full version (two parts, but no solos) and a rehearsal track for part 2 on our web site in case these help.

As always with a Veterans Day program, we recommend having an American flag on display, if possible. But if you're singing this from home or separate locations, invite kids to hold small flags as they sing. This also works if you're actually together, of course. Waving, bouncing, and marching in place are encouraged.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.