Home Again

by Teresa Jennings

We don't usually print pieces for solo voices, but this time we felt it was important as an additional part of the vocal focus of this issue. As far as the cassette is concerned, the version on side one demonstrates another variation of style possible with a trained voice.* This particular style would probably be best defined as a more "pop" style of singing, similar to styles heard on the radio. The song is also, of course, a very emotional and lovely piece which you can use with a soloist of your own. Feel free to adapt the melody as necessary, particularly when it comes to the highest notes. Let your soloist interpret the piece freely, as a pop singer would. On side two of the cassette, you will find the piano and violin parts only. The piano/vocal score in this magazine does, however, contain the violin cues in case you prefer to perform it live.

Even if you don't perform the piece, you should at least share it with your students - not just as an example of vocal style, but also for the pure pleasure of it.

*(It should be noted that not all trained voices are as versatile as Anne's. She is definitely an exceptional performer. Refer to page 44 for more about this talented young singer.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.