Issue Contents For Volume 3, Number 5

Music K-8 Contributors

Cover Art: Nathan Herber (back cover), Charles Bonner (front cover)

Interior Illustrations: Donald Riggio, Cathy Blaski, Teresa Jennings, Norm Sands

Typesetting: The Plank Road Gang

Music Copyist: Bruce Kling

Orchestrations: Paul & Teresa Jennings

Recording Production: Teresa & Paul Jennings, Anne Riggio

Recording Engineer: Mike Wilson, Aire Born, Inc.

Recording Singers: Jonathan Buechler, Melissa Kline, Anne Riggio, Melissa Schott, Michelle Schott, Derek Swanson, Abby Wey, Leah Wilson, Linda Wilson

Recording Instrumentalists: Dane Clark - drums, Jim Farrelly - woodwinds, Paul Jennings - keyboards, Randy Melson - bass, Phil Palermo - violin, Jared Rodin - trombone and bass trombone, Sandy Williams - guitar, Larry Wiseman - trumpets