by Teresa Jennings

This song is specifically written for younger classes. It can be used a cappella, with a piano or Orff instruments, or with the P/A Cassette. On the cassette, you will note that it is unison the first time and becomes a two-part round the second time. You can alter this form to create a three or four-part round if you like, and simply ignore the interludes and ending on the tape as you sing. If you do use the interludes, you can assign a soloist as indicated, or divide the part amongst several students.

For easy addition of Orff instruments, repeat the C, G pattern as played in the piano part, or just play the C at the beginning of each measure.

To facilitate the use of the tape, on side two you will hear a pitch and three taps to start you out. Be sure to also point out the bell tree, the violin, the flute, and the rain stick at the end of the piece on the cassette. Discuss what a rain stick is and how its sound is produced.

Use this song in conjunction with other teachers as a whole language lesson. (What is an echo? What makes it happen?)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.