It Starts With Me

by Teresa Jennings

From time to time, we like to present a "Flashback" song – a song from one of our past issues, generally long past. "It Starts With Me" was originally published in Music K-8, Volume 11, Number 3 (January/February 2001). It was the 3-part finale to the revue from that year, From The Inside Out, which focused on character. It's still one of our favorites, not only because of the strong message, but also because of the amazing performances by our studio singers and players. Even if you don't use this with your students, do yourself a favor and play it for them. It's truly inspirational.

It begins with a separate 4-part (SATB) a cappella introduction which is optional (tracks 14 and 31), then segues into the full song in the next tracks (15 and 32). There are also tuning notes on track 30 if you need them in lieu of your own live ones.

There are lengthy, detailed notes about this piece and performance suggestions that we strongly suggest you read if you plan to use this song. You can either read them from your own copy of Vol. 11, No. 3 (which is still available for purchase, by the way), or you can go to our web site and read the notes there. Go to, then go to the drop down menu under Music K-8 Magazine: Past Issues: Vol. 11, No. 3: "It Starts With Me" to read the notes.

In this issue, we present the extracted student parts (including the introduction) and the lyric page. If you would like to see the piano/vocal scores, too, you can download them from our web site.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.