Long As The World Goes Around

by Teresa Jennings

As the revue wraps up and the final lines are delivered, it's time for a contagiously upbeat finale to send your audience out humming. Truly, everyone will want to groove along with the exciting world beat, so be sure you turn the volume way up as your performers bring it on home. On the recording, you will hear a variety of world instruments that join in with a dynamic rhythm section, horn band, strings, and orchestral percussion. Your kids add a little clapping and a lot of happy singing to complete the package.

Reiterating some of the many things that make this world so fabulous, the lyrics remind us that no matter what, we will keep living, learning, laughing, and loving as long as the world goes around. What a fun message! You will note that we suggest you have singers emphasize the four words (live, learn, laugh, and love) by singing an accent on them.

Just before the chorus at measure 33, part 2 is introduced. It is optional, but adds a bit more zest to the tune, if you can pull it off. To help teach it, we have isolated part 2 and put it on our web site for free downloading. We have also created a pared down track that includes piano and vocals only so that you can more clearly hear how the vocals work together since the full accompaniment track is truly that: Full!

If you were planning to use projected images for your show at all, this would be a great place to do it. There are a lot of named visuals like mountains or cities or children or rainbows that lend themselves well to this. Consider also using or interspersing personal photographs from your students themselves of their "world" experience: their own families, friends, travels, or adventures of various types. (Be sure you have permission from parents and adhere to your school's policy accordingly.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.