by Teresa Jennings

We suspect that your kids are going to enjoy this song. The instrumental tracks are delightfully minimalistic, giving singers a chance to show off their musical skills. The first segment is unison and should be sung smoothly, but it tells a story, so you'll want to be sure singers tell it clearly as well. When it goes into the second segment around bar 17, suddenly their rhythmic talents will need to come into play. Landing the and of beat one each time without difficulty will be challenging for some. (Hint: That's one reason we introduce the bells and clapping rhythm earlier. It's that same rhythm.)

The third segment of the tune starts around measure 25 and includes an optional second part. Truly, it sounds best with this part, so try to incorporate it if you can. Invite older students or even adult ladies to help out if needs be. (Discourage vibrato.)

The last word, "Snow," is meant to be sudden. Not shouted, simply stated firmly. Be sure that the melody stops fully and succinctly before they say it.

We have suggested on the music that you can make this even more fun and exciting by creating a third part at the coda. Simply have part 3 singers sing the line from measure 17 along with the existing part 1 and 2 lines. Cut it short to end with the spoken "Snow." We have created this alternate full performance as a demo and put it on our web site along with rehearsal tracks for both part 1 and part 2 where they always sing together. (See page 79 for details.)

The movement of snow - Our choreographer, Melissa Schott, decided that this song was just crying out for some contemporary action, so she came up with movement ideas you can use with your own singers and/or dancers. As always, feel free to adapt any way you like (simpler or harder), or use exactly as she designed them. You will find a video which includes her full demonstration as well as step-by-step instructions on our web site. A PDF of her teaching notes is available as well. (See page 79 for details.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.