Thanks, Thanksgiving

by Teresa & Paul Jennings

As we all know, Thanksgiving is a special day that we set aside to think about all of the things in our lives we have to be grateful for. It practically forces us in our ever-hurried and rushing lives to slow down, just for a little while, and consider our many blessings. The argument could be made, we think, that we should be thankful for Thanksgiving itself. Truly, how often would we stop and think with appreciation if there was not literally a day every year that reminds us to do so?

In case this notion appeals to you and your students, we have provided this happy and lively little swing tune to make your case to the audience as well. It's a positive reinforcement of the message, delivered in a simple, unison, catchy, easy-to-learn song. It's perfect for any Thanksgiving program, and a nice addition to your playlist on Thanksgiving Day! (And by the way, how many big band jazz tunes for Thanksgiving do you know? We wonder – could this be a first??)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.