Groovin' Elf

by David & Anne Ellsworth

Movement for your youngest learners is always in season! "Groovin' Elf" tells us what Santa's elves really like to do, when they're not making toys of course. The melody is a simple quarter note rhythm, repetitive and easy to learn so as not to upstage the real purpose of the tune – groovin'! The recorded tracks feature cool bass, drums, and synths, including our doot-dootin' elf voice. And did you know that dancing elves have been around so long, their music was recorded on vinyl? That's why we hear the record scratches at the start of the tune!

Movement suggestions within the tune list bouncing on their toes in place followed by bouncing arms and hands. Other movement ideas we've used in the classroom include having students walk in a circle to half notes with swinging arms to match. We've also tried an ice skating motion, with hands behind their backs and torsos bent and leaning from side to side as legs alternate being lifted, just like skating!

Movin' and groovin'! - For a more choreographed approach, consider using the movement video ideas provided by choreographer Melissa Schott. You can do exactly what she demonstrates, or you can alter and adapt the motions any way that works better for your little elves. (For information on accessing this free video and PDF tutorial, refer to the box on page 78.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.