Turn Off That Nose!

by Teresa Jennings

Oh, sure. That famous red nose may have saved Christmas when it was foggy one time. But how often does that happen? In the meantime, it just keeps glowing and blinking all the time. How's anyone supposed to sleep with that going on?? This lighthearted rock tune approaches the nose situation from a whole other perspective, asking the reindeer to please, "Turn off that nose!"

Make 'em laugh! - The key to performing this easy unison song is to do so with comical intent. Overenunciate the lyrics so that your audience understands the problem. Even when shouting, do so clearly. Show exasperation and frustration, even letting a few ham it up for emphasis. Have one student costumed to play the clueless reindeer with the red nose, and other(s) play the innocent victims of sleepless nights (other reindeer, elves, polar bears, whatever you like), adding gestures such as yawning, rubbing eyes, shaking heads, whimpering, crying, that sort of thing. All humorously, of course.

On the recording, a piano plays with the blinks on D's in octaves to further emphasize the annoyance factor. Add a visual to this as well by incorporating a blinking light, preferably red that goes on and off with the blinks. Position it near the reindeer's red nose for effect, controlled by the reindeer himself/herself (assuming you don't have the capability of actually having a blinking red nose, that is).

Action! - If you really want to make this one stand out, consider adding movement to it. Our choreographer, Melissa Schott, has created some wonderfully inventive actions that you can use exactly as is, or adapt in any way you like to make it work well with your performers. You will find her video as well as a PDF of her teaching notes on our web site at MusicK8.com (See details on page 78.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.